Sunday, December 04, 2005

The other night we had a lightning storm that was pretty awesome, unfortunately I didn't get any pics as I had left the camera upstairs in the room and
was just too lazy to get up and retrieve it.We've been doing a lot of walking about. Shopping etc.
We went to Little India for lunch yesterday. I declined the fish head curry and went for the veggie option .
As you can see , it was served on some sort of large leaf. It was damn tasty I can tell you.

We are off to NZ tonight , or we have arrived already-depending on when I get to post this - (missing the execution by hanging and the Singapore marathon by mere days).

Managed , so far, to get away with excess baggage .I mean we have over 60kg of check-in baggage between us.We are only supposed to have 20kg each!
That's not to mention our 10 and 11 kg carry-on luggage either!.

Anyhow, that's the fun for now.

TRS for today is nan bread.



Well it's been a while since I have internet access but we are in Christchurch now and it's good.
we are staying with our friend Jen.This is her lovely house.
Nice to catch up with old friends and have a few beers at the Dux De Lux , with the old crew.Of course I miss Nic-(my good friend who died while we were away)- terribly.
It seems a big part of new zealand is missing.

Nic ,I'll always miss you.

more coming soon


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Robert and Rachel!!! Monakers is in London now. Had wicked time with Tomek in Cambridge. Staying with my friend Ewa and her little baby girl. I helped Tom to clean aquariums on Monday 14 of them, ufffff. London busy, still wonder if I could and want live here..??
It is so relaxing without Quench, Grainne was very sad, had great leaving do, everybody turned up, even Patrick and Jonathan with his girlfriend.
Lovely time.
On Saturday I am setting off to Poland from Folkstone(??) via Tunnel and then about 20 h drive via Europe, cool. I miss Europe a lot. It is great to go home for Christmas.

Lots of love to you, I know You are having a great time, miss u lots, M xx

11:11 a.m.  
Blogger claire.p said...

hey rob and rach, how are you both?
this is claire, you know who worked in the kitchen at ardmore st in wanaka? well im in holland at the moment enjoying the freezing cold weather (5 degreese)!
well give me an e-mail some time ( and tell me whats been happening over in sunny new zealand.
all my love claire.

5:47 p.m.  

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