Friday, December 09, 2005

KLUNK!!!! the sound I imagine this van would make if it fell on its side, which , frankly, is a worry.
As you can see, it's rather tall and narrow , so it's a little disconcerting going 'round sharp-ish
bends at anything faster than a crawl.
We wanted to buy this but might not now , after having it checked by a mechanic and he telling us that,
basically,it might go for another year and a half without problems OR it's quiet possible that it would
need the engine replaced soon.
Not very definitive , for sure, but still, we were hoping for a more positive diagnoses.

Still...I think we might still end up buying it if we get it for a good price- sometimes you takes yer chances.
With diesel costing about €0.50 a litre and no compulsory insurance,
I reckon it will be a damn sight cheaper to clock up the Kms here than in Ireland.

We have spent the last few days over the Port Hills in Church Bay with Adrienne and Nick.

It's a beautiful spot .Their house sits halfway down a very steep incline with a little boat house
and private beach further down again .

We drank some nice beers and listened to some Miles Davis while watching ,through the mist , the night lights
across the bay blink on , one by one.


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