Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm Back

So , okay.I've been very slack with my posting but I guess I've just been busy with work and raising a dog and stuff.
I won't bother with going back and updating stuff about our holiday because it was so long ago now.
But , let's,
Well, winter is here with us in NZ.We've had a good bit of snow.
All the mountains around us here have plenty of snow on them now and will probably have till the spring.
Wanaka is really filling up with skiers and snowboarders ,here for the season.

10,000 BC the movie has wrapped shooting here the other week and news on the movie front is that
30 Days Of Nights, a Vampire-comicbook adaption will begin shootin here in August.
Should be fun to have Sam Raimi in town.

My winter wardrobe is complete! I now have my Snow Goose down jacket (It's been in Antarctica), my insulated snowboard trousers and my wool-lined snowboots.I can now walk around in the freezing tempertures feeling absolutly toasty warm.
It Rules.

The Van has just passed its W.O.F. (warrent of fitness, like the NCT) so that's a weight off.Also had our rental inspection which went real smooth and our Kennel-complex-disguised-as-a-woodpile trick worked a treat.

Well, that's it for now.
More soon, Honest.
Oh, and soon as we get a camera that works again I'll post some pics.



Blogger pooch said...

hey rob...just thought i'd say hi, cos its been so long. hope ur allgood. discovered any new music?

11:12 p.m.  

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