Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ghosts in the machine

First off, I apologize for the lack of pictures but technology seems to be against me at the moment.
The camera has decided to spazz out and more or less die.Aparantly this is a common problem with this particular model of camera and I'm a little ticked off with Kodak at the moment as they are aware of the problem but never recalled this model.

My PowerBook is also still acting up. Annoying!!

On top of that,Rachels dads Mac-Mini is experiencing a modem problem (It may be a problem with the ISP though) and being the good "son-in-law" that I am, I am trying to find a solution to this problem also.

Anyhow, enough of that.
So, last week we had a couple of days off work and ,as our boxes of belongings (shipped from Ireland) finally arrived in Christchurch, we decided to drive up there have a little holiday , pick up our stuff,and head back down after doing a bit of shopping.
We had the van serviced and tuned up for the drive (6-ish hours)
The drive was nice.Great weather,good sounds from iPod (played through the van stereo using Belkins Tunecast transmitter) and some good road food packed for the journey.
All was well until we arrived in Chch and in what can only be described as an unfortunate lapse of attention, Rachel turned at an intersection when her light went green ,assuming that the oncoming traffic must have a red light.
They didn't.
In a classic moment of slow motion, I saw that it was inevitable that we were going to be side-swiped by the oncoming car.I managed to get out a "LOOK OUT!" before the impact, but even with Rachel flooring the accelerator,we still got hit.
NOBODY WAS INJURED! but the side sliding door of the van is now sporting a quite impressive crumple and is permanantly closed.No structural damage to the chassis but an estimate of NZ$2500 from the panal-beater allowed us to decide that, while it was nice having a tidy vehicle, we would have to just put up with driving around in a bashed van.
The other drivers car seemed to have only damage to the front bumper and bits around that area ( No broken lights though!).
We will now have to wait and see what her insurance company claim for , but no doubt it will be expensive.
Oh well, it could have been alot worse.

So , just to prove that we weren't detered from driving -we bought (or will buy) a second car-a little 4 wheel drive Subaru Justy.
It's nothing fancy but it is just perfect for the work run and the 4wd will be handy in the winter .

That's about it for now - oh, except that Shania Twain and her husband Mutt Lange and their young son came in to work today for lunch and she admired my beard and "earing" (nose-ring).Of course I had no idea who they were until later when some of the other staff were all like , "Ooh that was Shania!"
That don't impress me much.
For Those About to Rock , We Salute You!


Anonymous Adam said...

When are we gonna get some damn tour dates?!

7:27 p.m.  
Blogger thairocksuperstar said...

Mutt said "Howya" to me in the Supermarket today.
I'll ask him next time when Shania (or Eileen as we know her) is gonna get her lazy butt up and do some work.

5:59 a.m.  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Hmmm. Did you feel like a woman?

7:01 p.m.  

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