Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HOUSE (not the crappy medical drama on tv though)

Um... we just bought a house! Yikes! This House. ( Although not from a real estate agent and not for that price.)

More news as it comes!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Still existing

Yeah , I know the blog is more than a little out of date . I keep meaning to update it but I find myself , increasingly ,
busy and rarely seem to have any free time in which I'm not plain knackered . So , alas , the blog suffers on.

What's up with me?

Well , I guess I'm working a hell of a lot, in one way or another.

My main job , as barista etc. at Yohei , clocks in at about 50 hrs a week . I like the job a lot . It's a good place to work and the owners are truly good , nice people.
We set up a retail section of the store .
Y'know , branded t-shirts , trucker caps , travel mugs etc.

Yohei is seen as a 'hip' brand , by locals as well as overseas visitors ( The town relies quiet heavily on tourism - population swells from about 5000 at off peak
season to 90000 at it's busiest - sitting at about 20,000(ish) over the winter months , due to having 3 ski fields in the immediate area .) So we sell quite well.

I also run a barista training programme for anyone who wants to learn - I don't actively promote this , but people come to me looking for lessons ,so ,
instead of sending them to one of the courses run by the polytech - which , by all accounts is rather poor - I teach them myself.

As if that wasn't enough , I have been working a lot with a Cork lad who has a design and media business , here in town.
It's a small firm with 3 or 4 staff , but has many big contracts in the area.
I do a lot of the video based work for him , including , recently , the transfer and editing of about 140 rolls of Super 8 film belonging to Sir Tim Wallis.
It is a lot of interesting footage from all over the world from the 60's and 70's .

We are also in preproduction for a snowboard documentary - kinda like Dogtown and Z-Boys - only about snowboarding .

Doing a bit of art for self and for charity too , occasionally.

Then there is , of course Rachel and Mud and Patch (M & P being the dogs) , who all need caring and feeding , and we are still looking for a house to buy.
We put in an offer for a really nice house with an acre of land recently but it looks like they want to much money for it. The region we live in , is the most expensive
average real estate prices in New Zealand ,so you know , it's hard finding a nice house that is within our budget , but we will keep looking and I'm sure we will find the right spot sooner or later.

Anyhow , hi to all and hope ye are well.