Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ice skating in cars isn't as much fun as it sounds.

Hi all ,
Well we've been in our new house about a month and a half now and we like it lots. There are still boxes to unpack and stuff (mostly books) but we have pretty much settled in.
It's winter so rather cold (mind you the sun is shining right now and I have been out walking with the dogs
so I'm actually quite warm at the moment.)
Rachel is battling cigarette quitting with some success and some setbacks.
Mud and Patch are in fine form . Mud has done a little acting recently and has a photo shoot coming up soon modelling
for D-Fa

As the post header alluded to , I had a bit of an exciting commute to work last Sunday morning at about 6am.
The car hit ice on a steep hill and spun 360 degrees and crossed the opposite lane and left the road , backwards - down a 10-15 foot ditch.
It was sitting on its back end (it's a Nissan Terrano so it has it's spare wheel hanging on the tailgate ) with it's headlights pointing up into the starry sky.
I knew I was unhurt straight away and was able to climb out from the vehicle relatively easily . The first vehicle to stop was the road gritting truck - he decided it would be best if he then gritted the road.
Anyhow the up shot being that I'm fine , the car has minor damage but was insured and I was only about an hour and a half late for work.
That's it for now - I'll post some photos as soon as I can .
x to all
Hope yer all well.